A history of hotels: dive into the historic details of the hospitality industry of Paris

Paris has always been a dream place to visit for almost everyone living around the globe. Be it the aura that is possessed by this city or their culture, everything appeals the travelers to come visit more often but above all, what every tourist remembers is their hospitality.


Paris has always been a dream place to visit for almost everyone living around the globe. Be it the aura that is possessed by this city or their culture, everything appeals to the travelers to come to visit more often but above all, what every tourist remembers is their hospitality.

Being in this city and being served right is what every tourist needs and based on many reviews, Paris has been keeping this tradition of hospitality along for as long as one can remember. Here we will be discussing a lot of things to do in Paris and Paris hotels available which are known for their services and hospitality along with their history. Keep reading!

Paris; The City of Love

“The City of Love” and “The City of Lights Paris”, are one of the most iconic cities to be at while traveling around the world. This city is known to be the capital and most densely populated city of France. It has been one of the major travel destinations in Europe since the 18th Century. Not only is it famous for tourism, but it has its own place for being popular in many industries such as fashion, gastronomy, science, diplomacy, finance, commerce, and arts, among all other countries of Europe.

The main reason for tourists’ attraction in Paris is the great “Eiffel Tower” which was built in the year 1887. This enormous art of iron and steel at that time made the headlines all over the world and is still a sight that no one wants to miss if they are in Paris. Other famous visiting spots include Arc de Triomphe, Palais Garnier and Louvre.

Deep History of Hospitality

Paris has been known for its hospitality for centuries. Since the establishment of this city, all the world traders, businessmen, and elite class opt to visit or invest in this city because of its bright economical future and raising tourism charts for many years.

It was recorded in 2016 that almost 31 million tourists visited Paris that year. The tourist industry of Paris holds a 13% share of providing employment in the whole capital. This makes a larger chunk of jobs for people living there. So, their hospitality not only represents a positive image on the world, but its also strengthens their own city’s economy and give earning opportunities to their locals. 

Paris and its Stay

Paris has the topmost state of the art living facilities when it comes to choosing stay options. A group of travelers often prefer villas for their stay if they wish to stay longer than usual. Normally the most popular accommodation option in Paris is Paris Hotels which have state of the art facilities in every aspect. Even if you are tight on your budget, you can easily find a cheaper hotel that fulfills your requirements while saving a lot on your end. 

While staying, there are many things to do in Paris. It is of crucial importance that you do your research well for making a checklist or hire a tour guide who can make your tour fruitful. Following are the most common things to enjoy in your visit while you are at Paris:

Big bus Paris Hop-on Hop-off tourAn amazing 2-hour trip on a double-decker bus to see sights such as Louvre Museum, Moulin Rouge cabaret club, and the iconic Eiffel Tower while listening to the informative audio commentary, which is available in more than 10 languages.

Seine river Hop-on Hop-off sightseeing cruise 

A 2-hour river cruise ride to see places such as Musée d'Orsay and the Louvre while enjoying the view of Paris from the river.

Bateaux Parisiens Seine river gourmet dinner and sightseeing cruise

A 2-and-a-half-hour trip on Bateaux Parisiens riverboat to pass through Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Ile de la Cité with a 3-course gourmet dinner aboard.

Skip-the-line Eiffel Tower 2nd Floor Priority access ticket 

Skip the waiting and get yourself a priority ticket for fixed time entrance with a host who will enlighten you with the great history of the Eiffel tower.

What to look for while finding the best hotel in Paris

There are a lot of things that every hotel has in its list of amenities but few things are a plus point to look for if you wish to experience the ultimate luxury of staying at a Paris hotel.

Eiffel Tower View

There are many hotels in the Eiffel tower vicinity which makes the room views exquisite. If you wish to see the sunrise and sunset with a view that includes a wonder such as Eiffel tower then you might have to pay a little extra but the stay is guaranteed to be worth it. 

Private Balconies

There are many hotels in Paris that have rooms with private balconies which can make your resting hours peaceful with a whole city view in front of you. Some balconies might not be facing the beautiful city of Paris and can be indoors pool-facing which is also a great option to avail. 

Rooftop Dining areas

Some hotels also have these serene rooftop arrangements for a dinner serving. This experience of enjoying your food under the open sky with the city view in front is a once in a lifetime experience which you can surely avail at few Paris hotels.

Most Famous Hotels with Renowned Services

Every luxury hotel that we are listing below has all the basic and luxury advantages including an air-conditioned environment, free Wi-Fi, bathroom accessories, room service, LCD etc. Each of these Paris hotels are top-rated on the basis of cleanliness, comfort, facilities, and food.

  • The Chess Hotel
  • Hotel Baudin 
  • Hotel Saint Andre Des Arts
  • 9Confidentiel
  • Heart of Saint Germain 
  • Nice Champs Elysees Apartment
  • Hotel Mirabeau Eiffel
  • Helvetia
  • Monsieur Helder
  • Hotel Eden Montmarte



Planning a trip to Paris can be one of the most worthwhile experiences that you’ll have in your life. Take your time in doing your research and even the most less days there can turn out to be the most memorable ones.

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