European Best Destinations For 2021

We have made a list with a selection of the best European destinations. These destinations have been awarded as the best places to visit in Europe by millions of tourists. This selection has been made by voting through those real travelers along with participants and managers from the Offices of Tourism Community.

European Best Destinations For 2021

We have made a list with a selection of the best European destinations. These destinations have been awarded as the best places to visit in Europe by millions of tourists. This selection has been made by voting through those real travelers along with participants and managers from the Offices of Tourism Community.

Our next best destinations in Europe for the year 2021 include London, Paris, Nantes, Rome, Venice, Plovdiv, Brussels, and Amsterdam. These places would mark the future of tourism in the next few years.


London is one of the most exciting destinations with some of the most popular tourist sightseeing attractions. There is a lot to do in London for locals and tourists. Thus you can compose a never-ending list of reasons to visit this place. Some of the eye-catching attractions of London include London Eye, National History Museum, and many others.

You can have the chance of meeting a celebrity at Madame Tussauds. Tourists can get the beauty of viewing an enchanting combination of history and tradition. This high-ranked tourist attraction is home to beautiful landmarks including Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Tower of London, etc. It is home to many theatres, shopping markets/stores, galleries, parks, and much more.

It is not difficult to spoil yourself and shop out when you are in London. Premium shopping places such as Oxford Street stores, Westfield Stratford shopping centers, and many other department stores. There is a lot of greenery all around with 8 beautiful Royal Parks. Tourists can enjoy spending time at Richmond Park, Chelsea Physic Garden, and Hyde Park etc. Apart from that its British Museum is also a highlight.

Those who want to break the action can step into the world of dance and music by visiting a popular pub in the town. Celebrated as one of the best spots for tourists in Europe, London has a lot more to offer.


One of the most captivating places from around the world and termed as legendary capital of France, Paris is home to beautiful landmarks, attractions, leisure activities, food, hotels, transport, thus including everything that a tourist may desire for. The city is pro-actively designed keeping in mind sustainable quality, development and comfort level for its locals as well as visitors. Constant innovation in all areas can be seen through this beautiful city's history, present, and future. Moreover, visionary architects and futuristic rulers have laid the city amazingly symmetrically so that you will admire each part of it.

It is a dream destination for tourists worldwide as well as for French people. Paris has its popularity among tourists and credit goes to a lot of attractions here from the history and to the future. Paris has its main magic in the majestic, most celebrated monuments that experience millions of visitors from around the world each year. Some sights that one must not miss to see in Paris are the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, the Arc de Triomphe and many others. These monuments have been there for more than 2000 years now. Apart from these monuments, the beauty of this capital is further illuminated with its museums, theme parks, gardens, aquariums, zoo, and churches.


Nantes is a fascinating historical city with magnificent architecture that gives the city a unique beauty. Although during the last two decades and is now also a busy seaport. This colorful and young metropolis is known for offering a high quality of life for locals and tourists. Its artistic design is visible in all the aspects of and around the city, Nantes was even celebrated as the Green Capital of Europe in the year 2013.

With its narrow streets and 15 km long green trail, you will never be lost in the city. Style, artwork, and environment is diversified that makes it an interesting place for everyone. Nantes is home to beautiful landmarks and attractions with 19th century Passage Pommeraye, 20th century Station Prouve icon, Danial Buren 18 gigantic rings, Jean Nouvel’s new Court House, and many others that are giving the city an artistic vision and look. A highlight here for tourists and locals is the mechanical elephant ride as well as a 35-meter high marine creature merry-go-round.

Internationally known artists exhibit their unique art collection at the Estuaire Nantes–Saint-Nazaire art trail that Le Voyage à Nantes runs. You can even enjoy discovering the beautiful and diversified landscape by boat, car, or bicycle ride. Nantes is truly a land of creativity. Here you can enjoy the diversity of food as well including local seafood, fresh vegetables, cheese, cakes, and whatnot. Creative chefs from around the world have reinvented even its local cuisine.


Rome is a capital of treasures that has the influence of the historical Eternal City and futuristic frame. With a surrounding region with a lot to offer, this city has nature, delicious cuisine, marine life, rivers, vineyards, and many other attractions for those who praise natural beauty. It features villages rich in art and history. The city is termed to be timeless where you can enjoy an afternoon of shopping at the Via Veneto or Campo de Fiori or can have some delicious fresh pasta or tender oxtail stew to be part of your memorable meal in Rome.

The landmarks of this city are a must to see. You should not miss visiting Bocca della verità – Mouth of Truth, Papal Basilica of St. Paul’s outside the walls, the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Fountain of Acqua Paola, and many others. This city also features some beautiful museums, churches, parks, gardens, squares and lively nightlife. You can grab a perfect espresso or gelato as you head towards various theatres and music venues where different shows are arranged for the audience.


The beautiful ambiance and romantic environment make Venice an ideal place for you to enjoy your vacations. Suppose you are looking to spend your holidays for a relaxing time in Europe. In that case, Venice could be on your list with its beautifully crafted churches, palaces, and palazzos (waterfront ones). As you roam around the city, you will feel like viewing an artistic piece of painting. The experience of this city is magical. 

However, there is another real side of Venice that you must experience by viewing a classical musical performance or an opera. It is rich in music, performance, and art. This city on the water is the launching stage for baroque music and modern opera.

You can find many artistic pieces of work displayed at the exhibit halls too. Moreover, there is pasta, pastries, and other delicious eatables and places to enjoy your meals. It is a city of mystery and awe where you can find fantastic masked creatures passing by. There are local street shops as well as high-end shopping experiences for brand lovers in Piazza San Marco. Some sights that you must not miss to see in Venice are Palazzo Ducale, Gallerie dell’Accademia, Basilica di San Marco, the Ghetto, etc.


The second-largest city of Bulgaria is located towards its south; Plovdiv is a hub to culture, shopping, religion, wine, and a lot to give it a diversified character. This exciting city would never disappoint you as it continues to offer interesting activities and sights for its locals and visitors. The city will become the European Capital of Culture in 2019, and it truly is the 6th oldest city in the world, celebrating a history of 8 millennia.

It is a city overloaded with culture and history, but it also has invigorating nightlife. Most known for its romantic old town filled with love, color and contrast in the form of some exclusive sights, museums, galleries, hotels, restaurants, and a lot more. An increasing number of tourists are attracted to the city with its music and art festivals arranged here. Although rich in history, the city has been given a new shape and confidence with its renovated Kapana artistic quarter and Tsar Simeon Gardens.

Roman Amphitheatre, Ethnographical Museum, Archaeological Museum, Tsar Simeon Garden, Lamartine House and other sights are highlights of Plovdiv.



Brussels features a lot of treasure in the form of historical stories, talents, happenings, and locations here. Every sight of it can be surprising and pleasing for those who visit this capital for the first time. No matter what time of the year you choose to visit Brussels and no matter how long is your vacation here, you will be able to experience complete fun here with its multi-colored style and diverse heritage. Brussels is truly the center of attractions with numerous museums, parks, landmarks, restaurants, and bars.

One of the ideal ways of exploring Brussels is to take a bus tour (hop on hop off). You can explore some of the best tourist attractions like the Grand Place, Peeing Boy, Atomium, La Monnaie De Munt, Mini Europe, the Palace of Justice and the list would just go on and on. Brussels zoo is a must-go place if you are an animal lover or have kids with you. It features a large enclosure of animals from all over the world. Green spaces, lakes, flowers, and fountains can be found all around Brussels. Contrasting art and architecture here would definitely impress you. You will truly admire the quality of life here.


Amsterdam is a place best to experience by yourself than to express in words. 17th-century historic buildings still maintaining their beauty and look, impressive joint-smoking alien sculptures, and a combination of history and modernization that is rarely seen can be truly witnessed in Amsterdam. Locals and tourists find biking and boating as the most interesting and comfortable ways of commuting here. This is how you can explore the true beauty of this city. Canal boats and free ferries can take you along on a magical experience.


While moving around the city, you will be able to view some sculptural masterpieces in the form of landmarks. One of the major attractions is the Van Gogh Museum, which features the largest collection by torturous native son Vincent. Apart from that, the glorious Rijksmuseum is also a not-to-miss hidden treasure of this city. There are other major exhibits too for art and history lovers. But along with that, there are welcoming restaurants and cafes, particularly brown cafes that offer exclusive beers. If you wish to feel warm and fuzzy, one of the best places is visiting a traditional brown café. Beautifully structured lanes, quarters, music venues, and shops bring complete joy to leisure travelers seeking pleasure.

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