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Are you familiar with Wondering about the experiences others have had with this platform? I invite you to join the conversation and share your own encounters!

Outpace Consignment Center has been a topic of discussion lately, and many individuals are curious to know if others have had positive or negative experiences with it. By gathering insights from various users, we can gain a better understanding of the platform's reputation. Share your feedback, reviews, and thoughts to help others make informed decisions. Your perspective can provide valuable guidance to those who are considering using them. Thanks!!
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I was looking for a reliable platform to buy a CanAm utv, and Outpace Consignment Center came highly recommended by a friend. While browsing their inventory, I came across a 2012 Can Am Commander 1000 Limited that caught my eye. Their team was incredibly responsive. They gave me all the necessary information.
One thing that stood out to me was how the Commander was listed on their website. The photos were excellent, from multiple angles, detailed information, so there was no room for ambiguity. I felt confident that I was making a sensible decision.

When I decided to proceed with the purchase, they handled the payment process very well. They provided secure payment options and facilitated the necessary paperwork immediately. I appreciated the attention to detail, making sure the whole thing was handled in the most professional way possible.

I received the Commander and was pleased to find it in exact condition as described!
At first, I was skeptical about buying a big ticket item online, especially when I couldn’t physically inspect it or meet the seller in person. However, a local search for an ATV was unsuccessful, so I turned to eBay... Although it took me a couple of days to decide, I finally found a Kawasaki Brute Force that caught my interest.

Outpace Consignment Center managed the transaction. Although there was a slight delay in the delivery, eventually arrived in good condition. They proved reliable and kept their promises. I had worked with a guy Adam from OCC. He dealt with all my questions and even took the extra step of contacting me after the 10 Day Inspection Period to make sure I was happy with the purchase so we can complete the Transaction. I can safely say that they deserve a thumbs up from me. OCC are a good company to deal with!!
Sold my 2001 Pro Craft boat through them, and my experience was smooth. The process was straightforward, got a fair price from a guy from Florida, which left me incredibly pleased.

The post-sale procedures were seamless, thanks to their clear instructions. I was kept well-informed throughout the entire transaction, ensuring that I was always aware of the progress being made. Within just 10 days from the start of the transaction, the payment was promptly made, providing me with peace of mind and a sense of satisfaction. I recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable service!
Although I ultimately had to cancel my purchase due to an unforeseen fault with the unit, I want to emphasize that this is not due to any problems with Outpace Consignment Center. Throughout the whole thing Steven and all the back office staff at OCC were wonderful to work with. Escrow deposits and returns were handled quickly and carefully, without any problems. Their communication was always clear and transparent. If I find myself in the market again, or if friends and family ask for recommendations, I will confidently refer them to these guys. Their professionalism and reliability made a good impression on me. :D
As a buyer, I had no issues with them. What can I say is that the title transfer took slightly longer... compared to buying directly from the seller. They will transfer the title after their "10 Day Money Back Guarantee" is over. However, overall, the process was smooth for me. Initially, I was a bit nervous about dealing with a broker, but after reading the reviews online and going through the experience, everything went really well. It's important to note that I was a buyer and not a seller, so the experience might differ for those on the other side.
It took me a little time to grasp the process. Initially, some of the information provided about their buying process was not as informative as I had hoped. Navigating their website to find details about the buying process was a bit challenging, but with some scrolling, I was able to locate more comprehensive information. The UTV I purchased was local, but the seller lived out of state. Once I successfully registered for a new transaction, the documents required to complete the sale were promptly sent and were in order. From the time the payment was wired to the closing of the sale, it took approximately 10 days. Overall, while there were some initial hiccups in understanding the process, they managed to ensure a smooth transaction!
I had a fantastic experience with them as well, the entire team was incredibly helpful and thorough, making the transaction seamless

I sold a classic ski boat through them as well, and I had a good experience!
Throughout the process, they kept me well-informed and were always available when I needed assistance.
The actual sale itself was safe, easy, and stress-free, all thanks to these guys!
Their website impressed me with its professional design and user-friendly interface. Managing my listing was relatively easy, and I received great feedback on the progress. Initially, I had concerns about security, but those worries were quickly alleviated by the thorough checks and protocols in place. It's reassuring to know that OCC takes security seriously.
Thanks to Outpace Consignment Center, I purchased my Airstream travel trailer with confidence. The information and assistance they provided were invaluable in helping me make an informed decision. I have never encountered a consignment company that offered such comprehensive upfront information. Their transparency and dedication to customer satisfaction truly set them apart.

Thank you guys for all the feedback and information provided on Outpace Consignment Center!!

To everyone considering their services, I wish you the best of luck.

Don't forget to leave a comment about your future sales or purchases when using Outpace Consignment Center services!! :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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