Make Your Travel with Your Furkids More Enjoyable by Staying at These Pet-Friendly Hotels in Seattle!

By Sara Branson, Posted on 17 Aug, 2021 at 12:00 am

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If you have a pet with you while traveling, the most difficult task is to take care of it while staying as not many of the hotels allow a pet in their premises. To avoid such scenarios, you should always look up for hotels with a pet-friendly environment and reserve your room beforehand to avoid any hassle later.

If you plan on visiting Seattle anytime soon and are wondering about the same thing, then we got you all covered. Here we are discussing the most popular accommodations which promise a pet-friendly hotel environment for your furry baby to be safe along with catering all your staying needs.

Seattle and its Background

Seattle is located on the West port of United States of America and is known to be a Seaport city for that reason. Because of being densely populated, it is considered one of the largest states of Washington and even the whole North America. 

Both economically and infrastructure-wise, the city has been progressing which is clearly visible to the world. This city has managed to be ranked the fastest growing city of the USA in the year 2016. 

Seattle got its name officially in the year 1852 and since then it has been popularly reappearing on the list of tourism as well. Sites such as T-Mobile park, the Space Needle, Pike Place market, Seattle Great Wheel, University of Washington, and the famous Amazon spheres makes this city a treat for the eyes of its visitors.

What not to miss at Seattle

There are a number of things to enjoy and a number of places to spend your day at when you visit Seattle. This state has its own popular landmarks which you cannot really find at any other place of the world. This is what makes this place unique and charming in its own way. Following are some of the places that you must visit to make the most out of your trip:

T-Mobile parkIt is a huge baseball park with a retractable roof that has served all the major tournaments of baseball in Washington and all of the America.

The Space Needle

This is technically an observation tower but because of its popularity as a sightseeing spot, it is often considered as the Seattle landmark.

Pike Place market

This a famous and oldest farmers’ public market of the USA. Tourists find it attractive to visit local markets and buy things related to the local culture. 

Seattle Great Wheel

This is the tallest Ferris wheel on the West coast of the United States. As it is almost 175 feet high from the ground, it gives a magnificent view of the whole city and the sea.

University of Washington

It is a magnificent public research University that also happens to be the oldest one on the entire West Coast.

Amazon spheres

These beautiful spheres are the art of architecture made for the amazing amazon Headquarters, where they have an employee lounge and workspace.

Are you traveling with your pet? Not an issue anymore!

People used to worry about their pets in the earlier times where there were fewer to none options for catering pets while on travel. These conditions made it difficult for single pet owners to travel while leaving their pets behind.

Tourism had to be greatly affected by this if it wasn’t sorted out. Luckily, the luxury and cheap hotels in Seattle started to renew their policies and made a pet-friendly hotel environment. This term means that your pet can stay with you in the hotel where he will be taken care of and will be provided with all the necessities as well to make his stay comfortable too.

What does it mean for a hotel to be Pet-friendly?

There are several features offered while staying at a pet-friendly hotel that make your pet’s living easier. Following are some of the most common privileges that you will get if you check in to a pet-friendly hotel in Seattle:

  • Suitable room environment that allows pet.
  • Cleaning service for any mess made by your pet.
  • A separate menu for your pet’s meals.
  • Pet care if you wish to leave for few hours.
  • Pet care accessories if you forgot to bring your own.
  • Pet feeding bowls and other utensils.

Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Seattle

Finding a pet-friendly hotel at Seattle or a cheap hotel in Seattle that is pet-friendly too can be a jackpot for you if you are traveling with your pet. These hotels will have all the luxuries that you wish to have on your stay while catering to your pet too. Apart from the pet privileges mentioned above, you can enjoy room service, free Wi-Fi, LCD display in your room and other necessary appliances to make your trip comfortable.

Following is the list of few top-notch pet-friendly hotels at Seattle that are ranked accordingly based on the reviews by customers on the hotel service and care facilities for both themselves and their pets.

  • Renaissance Seattle Hotel - (Ranked No. 1 among 165 hotels in Seattle)
  • Hotel Nexus - (Ranked No. 2 among 165 hotels in Seattle)
  • La Quinta Inn and Suites - (Ranked No. 3 among 165 hotels in Seattle)
  • Comfort Inn and Suites - (Ranked No. 4 among 165 hotels in Seattle)
  • Modern Ballard Townhouse - (Ranked No. 5 among 165 hotels in Seattle)
  • Water view carriage house - (Ranked No. 6 among 165 hotels in Seattle)
  • Best Seattle Georgetown house - (Ranked No. 7 among 165 hotels in Seattle)
  • Ballard bunkhouse - (Ranked No. 10 among 165 hotels in Seattle)
  • 1st Ave Condo Unit 416 - (Ranked No. 14 among 165 hotels in Seattle)
  • Pelicanstay in Pioneer Square - (Ranked No. 15 among 165 hotels in Seattle)


Seattle is one of its kind in architecture, and splendor has outdone its self in improvising its hosting facilities as well by introducing a number of pet-friendly hotels for those who travel with their pets. This is a great facility for you to avail if you also wish to travel to Seattle soon.

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Make Your Travel with Your Furkids More Enjoyable by Staying at These Pet-Friendly Hotels in Seattle!


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